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a shotgun in d.c.'s freedom plaza. it's husband way of protesting d.c.'s gun laws. he told news 4 the video was real. >> shomari stone is in virginia with new reaction from the producer of that video. >> reporter: good evening. that producer is also adam's roommate and say the they served a search warrant at their home. you can see police are helping out with this investigation. it's worth mentioning that that roommate claims that adam could possibly be under arrest. however, we got an e-mail or information from the u.s. attorneys office basically stating that they are not confirming that police are serving an arrest warrant. however, police continue to search the house. now it's also worth mentioning that tonight the roommate said they have been serving the search warrant over past few hours. they are looking for the gun show r shown in the youtube video. they plan on arresting him for bringing that gun into d.c. that's not been confirmed with the park police or u.s. attorney's office. news 4 exclusively interviewed adam about the video. he posted it showing himself loading a shotgun on pe
living wage law that raises the minimum wage to $12.50 an hour goes into effect, they will cancel at least three of those stores. earlier today i spoke with d.c. council chairman about the possibility walmart would pull out. here's what he told me. >> well, i'm not going speculate on whether walmart is bluffing or not. i go back to what the policy is behind the legislation, which is a very basic and not a very high but still a very basic living wage. that's what the idea is behind it. >> reporter: now, i just spoke with a representative from walmart. he tells me if the d.c. council gives final approval tomorrow to the new living wage bill and mayor gray signs it into law they will pull out of the three stores that are not yet under construction. that's on skyland shopping center, gateway center and the one on new york avenue. i spoke with mayor gray's representative. he says the mayor is troubled by this news. coming up at 6:00, i'll tell you what this means for stores like the one behind me that are already under construction. reporting live in northwest washington, mark segraves
. this comes about three months after the bipartisan manchin/toomey bill on stricter gun laws failed in the senate. >>> this morning rusty the red panda is finally going home. rusty was released to the panda exhibit, the red panda exhibit area, around 9:00 this morning, or he will be. it will be the first time he's back in the exhibit since his escape from the national zoo last month. you see him here being caught in adams morgan. rusty was given a rabies booster and kept in isolation for a while. zookeepers say they think he was able to get out of the exhibit by climbing onto a low tree canopy inside his habitat. >>> why smokers may catch a financial break when president obama's health care law takes effect. >>> plus why the secret to your child's success may be tied to the time you put them to bed at night. >>> also ahead, a dramatic rescue while you were sleeping after heavy rain trapped people in canada. >>> and i'm continuing to track some light rain over the mountains. will this impact your morning commute and how hot is it going to get on your tuesday? the answ switching to pr
will try to craft the path forward on immigration laws and speaker john boehner says there's a lot of crafting to be done. tracie potts joins us live now with washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this meeting today will likely determine what path republicans in the house are going to take to try to deal with immigration reform. they've said they're starting from scratch. they're not dealing with the senate bill at all. the senate passed this bill with quite a bit of republican support, but in the house they're starting all over and that process begins today. and the big question facing them is this -- are they going to insist on dealing with the border being secured first? that's what we've heard from a lot of republicans. or are they going to consider some path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented workers in this country? and we're starting to hear from a lot of them, especially those called the dreamers. they'll be rallying here on capitol hill. these are children who were brought into this country illegally who say they should be allowed
plaza. it was a bold challenge to d.c.'s gun laws. now that man behind the protest is speaking out. >>> rg3. he got married over the weekend and the pictures are out. but after the wedding the star quarterback showed off a new talent and veronica johnson is keeping an eye on the weather for you. >> that's right. i'm watching a line of showers and some embed thunderstorms on storm team 4 radar making their way south eastward. the heat is back on for the rest of the work week and could see some severe weather. i'll have details on . >>> the death toll is climbing tonight after that fiery train explosion in canada. police in quebec say 13 people are now confirmed dead after saturday's accident. at least two dozen are still unaccounted for. canadian emergency officials say the hazardous conditions are making it very tough to get a final count on injuries and fatalities. the crash destroyed a section of a small town in quebec. thousands were ordered to evacuate their homes. it's still not clear what caused the crash. >>> is metro making progress when it comes to performance? >>> in a "t
. if what happened in egypt is a coup under u.s. law aid has to be withdrawn and the united states faces a diplomatic dilemma. >> whether or not cutting off the aid at this point would only deepen the crisis and send egypt into a further meltdown. >> reporter: republican senator john mccain is leading calls for the white house to use aid as a lever to force egypt towards fair and free elections. but a policy expert says egypt's future will be determined by egyptians. >> the u.s.'s role is minimal. but, the biggest thing for the u.s. is to avoid having egypt turn into a failed state in the middle of civil war. that's the worst of all option. >> reporter: for egypt, a turbulent transition. finding an interim leader is the first step in what cube months long road towards free elections. >>> we have breaking news in the area where a little boy has been reported missing. it's in northeast d.c. police officers rushed to a scene off west virginia avenue there. pat collins has our report. pat? >> reporter: jim, sources are telling me now that police found the body of a young boy in the back of a
a plan by the council to pass a minimum wage law of $12.50 an hour, that's $4 more than the minimum wage in the city. would apply only to walmart and other big box stores. walmart says it has a responsibility to its customers and shareholders not to go along with this. it says it cannot put up with this type of legislation and build the stores is in the. we've been checking with council members today. it's uncertain whether this bill will pass tomorrow. right now it has enough votes. walmart is saying they will not build the stores in skyline, capital gateway and southeast washington or on new york avenue. three of the stores are under construction, three are just planned but this is a major move by walmart to kill legislation that's been in the works for the last two years. pat and jim. >> tom sherwood with the developing story for us. tom, thank you. lots of weather out there right now could slow you down tonight. >> veronica johnson joins us with details from the storm center. >> not a tremendous amount of rain. i've been keeping an eye on the satellite here in storm center 4 here bec
conference just a few minutes ago on the president's health care law. here to talk more about that nbc deputy political he had kerr domenico montanaro. lets hear what he said, we've got a sound piece. listen to this and i'll get your reaction. >> by just delaying the employer mandate frankly isn't good enough. today we sent a letter to the president asking him to justify a delay in the employer mandate while leaving in place the mandate on individuals and families, because if businesses can get relief from obama care, the rest of america ought to be able to get relief as well. >> so it sounds like the speaker is saying what he's always said about obama care, as he calls it, saying it all needs to go. >> this the needle republicans like to be able to push to president obama and this administration, because this is the key thing they have been trying to fight since it was passed. so the employer mandate, which has been pushed off for small businesses, really because of all the forms and difficulty. it's 10 pages of instructions for small businesses to try to figure out how to even fill out the
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the bipartisan manchin/toomey bill on stricter gun laws failed in the senate. >>> it is now 4:38. let's check in once again with melissa at the live desk with some breaking news. >> want to show you amazing video into the newsroom just a short time ago. torrential rains in toronto leaving passengers stranded. you can see rescue crews pulling a boy out of a boat. police and firefighters using boats to rescue commuters from a ten-car double-decker train. apparently it started flooding. most of the passengers went up to the second deck. water reaching up to the lower windows as you can see there. this was month's worth of rain in just four hours, also leaving 300,000 people without power. amazingly nobody seriously injured. at the live desk, news 4. >>> a new twist for the captain of a cruise ship that ran aground in italy. why he'll have to keep waiting before he learns his fate. we'll go to the live desk coming up once again. >>> also ahead, his video protest raised eyebrows. now the man who pulled a gun on freedom plaza is talking to us about why he did it. >>> a beautiful start to your day a
calling for his trial. >> we want to judge him first, judge him by law, not in the streets. >> reporter: that won't be easy. millions of egyptians wanted morsi and the muslim brotherhood out. the military is riding a wave of popularity. but many fear today's clashes will open a new round of violence between the army and the muslim brotherhood. which is not backing down. >> we'll increase the protesters. >> reporter: late tonight, egypt's president announced parliamentary elections and presidential elections would be held in seven months in an attempt to try and cool things down with the hopes that getting egypt an elected government will do just that. brian. >> eamon molhedin in cairo, thank you. >>> a couple more items in this country. a sad scene in prescott, arizona. a procession of 19 hearses, all members of the same hot shot wildfire crew, trying to save the town of yarnell. the procession took five hours, traveling a route stretching 125 miles. tomorrow, the memorial service for all 19. >>> teresa heinz kerry, wife of secretary of state john kerry, updated from critical to fair co
under u.s. law aid has to be withdrawn. the united states faces a diplomatic dilemma. >> whether or not cutting off the aid at this point would deepen the crisis and send egypt into a further meltdown. >> reporter: republican senator john mccain is leading calls for the white house to use aid as a lever to force egypt towards free and fair elections. but a policy expert, his new book examines the waves of change sweeping the middle east says egypt's future will be determined by egyptians. >> the u.s.'s role is minimal, but the biggest thing for the u.s. is to avoid having egypt turn into a failed state in the mid. civil war. that's the worst of all options. >> reporter: for egypt a turbulence transition towards an uncertain future. and finding an interim leader is just the first step on what could be a months long road towards elections. live on capitol hill, brian mooar, news 4. >> new questions about government secrecy after pentagon files on the osama bin laden raid were secretly removed or moved to the cia. that move was order by the top u.s. special operations commander. pla
. >> reporter: each woman appears separately in the video shot july 2nd at a law office in cleveland. >> i don't want to be consumed by hatred. with that being said, we need to take a leap of faith and know that god is in control. >> reporter: as the girls speak out, ariel castro remains locked up. now charged with hundreds of counts including kidnapping, rape and murder. but this video isn't about him. not a single mention of castro or the house where prosecutors say he tortured him. >> i ask that everyone continue to respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life. >> they are so brave. that video maybe our only glimpse of the women for awhile. their spokesman saying overnight they have a deep desire for privacy and don't want to discuss their ordeal with the media or anyone else for the foreseeable future. the big question now, will there be a trial and will the women testify? ariel castro's trial date is set for next month in cleveland but the defense team maybe interested in a plea deal and the women's lawyers want this process to be quick and get justice. >>> jeff rossen, than
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13